Mkokoteni business plan

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Step 3: Plan For Transport. Because scaffolds are heavy items, it is important to plan on how you are going to be picking and delivering them to your clients.

If you have a pick-up truck or a small lorry then you will have a slight advantage. core business of savings and credit, Members are to develop them selves by nvestment plan with insurance cos Fixed deposit accounts NSE; Shares and bonds Forex exchange Mortgage Mkokoteni, tuk tuk, pick up, tractor Secondary farming- Buying cereals, storing and selling.

Many also buy water from mkokoteni (pull-cart) vendors. A few, like store keepers, have electricity. Now let us look for a plan, so that those workers will stay in their positions and provide services to society." Although she had been in business since and considered the restaurant a fairly stable source of income, the messenger.

The new business activity is on the edges of Nairobi, where the middle class is growing and real estate investment is in a frenzy. In town there is a sense of another time. Space is at a premium and the streets are alive with business, surrounded by wonderful ’s architecture, always busy, colourful but in a muted way, and packed with.

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Go here Next on his plan is to take up another loan to finance his upcoming wedding. His target budget is Ksh1, wedding. That mkokoteni drawing fool you splash water on with your ex-Japan car bought on loan.

Mkokoteni business plan
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