The process of becoming a pilot

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How do I become a commercial airline pilot?

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The Lone Star College Board of Trustees has approved Lone Star College-Montgomery to seek state and regional accreditation approvals for a Commercial Pilot Certificate Level I and Associate of Applied Science degree in Professional Pilot in order to provide a new career choice for its students and address a global pilot shortage.

Become a Licensed Commercial Pilot: Step-by-Step Career Guide Prospective pilots can train as private pilots initially to learn the basics of the process. The JetBlue Pilot Gateway Programs have helped crewmembers and students find their way to the right seat at JetBlue for many years.

The lauded University Gateway Program is the most robust, student-focused gateway in the U.S.

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industry while our internal crewmember to pilot paths provide the support and mentorship necessary for JetBlue crewmembers to realize their career goals. How do I become a commercial airline pilot?

Be aware that becoming a commercial pilot is a huge financial commitment and is also very competitive. Shop around a wide variety of training schools, consider all the different routes and finally, gain experience.

Demystify "tower talk" & feel in control on the radio. Through real-world radio communications with actual air traffic controllers, you'll learn first-hand proper pilot communication procedures, techniques to use in every class of airspace, & how to get the cooperation you deserve from ATC.

Volunteer to provide free transportation for people in need. Angel Flight is a unique opportunity to serve the community using your aircraft and flying skills.

The process of becoming a pilot
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How To Become A Pilot: A Complete Guide | Phoenix East Aviation