Wv high school business plan competition

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The 13th Annual Collegiate Student Business Plan Competition hosted by the College of Business & Economics at West Virginia University received business plans from students throughout West Virginia.

Learn how Ryan Rakestraw broke free from his pre-MBA career path with help from an Olin Business School MBA focused on entrepreneurship and venture capital.

and was valedictorian of his high school class. Olin Cup business plan competition (finalist) Arch Grants business plan competition (finalist) Activities.

The final round of the Business Competition will be held on April 20 at West Virginia University where each team will present their final business plan and an oral presentation to a panel of judges.

On September 27,about students gathered before classes outside Welch High School in response to a rumor that racial integration, now in its second year, had led officials to cancel all school social events for that year.

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Wv high school business plan competition
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